Let's face it - Perth's waves are often far from perfect. Knowing where to go at what time is crucial. Questions like "Will tomorrow's swell be big enough for the reefs in Cottesloe?" or "Will waves generated by the tropical cyclone reach our beaches?" constantly cross our minds. Wave forecasts help us predict what days we have to call in sick or make doctors appointments.

While there are already a bunch of quality surf forecast websites and surf reports out there, non seem to really resolve the complexity of Perth's coastline very well. Rottnest island, as well as multiple offshore reefs result in wave dissipation and refraction which in turn causes the waves to vary along Perth's shore. This surf forecast aims to give a better estimate of the wave conditions at different beaches.

PerthSurfing.com is a high resolution surf forecast of the Perth region. Updated daily, it provides a detailed 7-day forecast of the wave conditions in Scarborough, Cottesloe and Trigg Beach. As a reference point the offshore conditions and directional energy spectrum at the location of the Rottnest wave buoy are given.

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